Who We Are

The scientific team at ADx Healthcare includes physicians, Alzheimer’s researchers, dietitians, and health behaviorists working together to evaluate and implement the cutting edge science on brain health and Alzheimer’s disease.  Our team is committed to empowering patients to address errant metabolic pathways through lifestyle modifications to maximize their cognitive health.

The leadership members of the ADx Healthcare Scientific Team include:

Ryan FortnaRyan Fortna MD, PhD

Dr. Ryan Fortna, MD, PhD, is Board-Certified in Anatomic Pathology with a PhD (University of Pennsylvania) in the molecular biology of Alzheimer’s disease. He oversees the Molecular Pathology lab at Northwest pathology laboratory testing facility and serves as the Chief Science Officer at ADx Healthcare.  Dr. Fortna is interested in helping patients better understand their risk for Alzheimer’s disease so they can make lifestyle modifications that may help overcome the risk inferred from a deleterious genetic variant.

Marci Hardy PhD  

Dr. Marci Hardy, PhD is the Director of Health Sciences for ADx Healthcare. Dr. Hardy has experience in outpatient rehabilitative care, hospital and corporate wellness and preventive programs, scientific research, and academic leadership and instruction. Dr. Hardy’s role is to develop patient education materials and informative, user friendly patient reports to address Alzheimer’s disease genetics and the modifiable risk factors of cognitive decline. Dr. Hardy also is a member of ADx Healthcare’s Scientific Team as well as being actively involved in the local Alzheimer’s community as both a speaker and volunteer. Dr. Hardy strives to help empower individuals to understand their risk for Alzheimer’s disease and take control of their cognitive health by living a brain healthy lifestyle.

Allison McKeanyAllison McKeany MS, RD

Allison McKeany, MS, RD is the Director of Program Development for ADx Healthcare’s Alzheimer’s Early Intervention e-Clinic. Allison is a Registered Dietitian who has experience in both hospital-based inpatient and outpatient dietetics and for the past three years has focused specifically on the role of nutrition and lifestyle in cognitive health. Allison currently works with patients to address specific dietary and supplement interventions to address the modifiable risk factors of cognitive decline. Allison also is a member of ADx Healthcare’s Scientific Team and leads training of clinical providers. Allison continually works to make healthy eating and lifestyle behaviors realistic, enjoyable, and sustainable.

Dr. Neil Smith DO, ABIHM

  • Board Certified Geriatric Psychiatrist, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
  • Brain Longevity Therapy Certification, Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation
  • Diplomate, American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine
  • Advanced Mind Body Medicine Practitioner
  • Bredesen Protocol Recode Report Certification
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia



Special Advisory Members to the ADx Healthcare Scientific Team include:


 Keoni Kauwe, PhD

Dr. Keoni Kauwe, PhD, is an internationally recognized researcher specializing in Alzheimer’s disease genetics. He is currently a Professor and Chair in the Department of Biology at Brigham Young University. Dr. Kauwe’s research leverages novel phenotypes and approaches to characterize the genetic architecture of Alzheimer’s disease with the ultimate goal of finding a cure. Dr. Kauwe has provided invaluable insight in the Alzheimer’s genetics research conducted by the ADx Healthcare Scientific Team.


Carlos Cruchaga, PhD  

Dr. Carlos Cruchaga, PhD is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine.  His research interests include using endophenotypes to identify rare genetic variants that increase risk for Alzheimer’s disease and the evaluation of biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. Cruchaga is a valued member of the ADx Healthcare Scientific Advisory Board.


Suzanne Hendrix, PhD

Dr. Suzanne Hendrix has worked for the past 26 years as a biostatistician focusing on clinical trial research in many different indications. She has extensive experience designing clinical trials, writing statistical analysis plans, running analyses, writing statistical reports, interacting with the FDA and preparing manuscripts for publication. She has researched methods for discerning disease modification of treatments, and has proposed novel approaches to this problem. Dr. Hendrix brings leadership and biostatistical expertise to the genetic and biomarker research conducted by ADx Healthcare.




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