Alzheimer’s Risk & Wellness Test


Reduce your Alzheimer’s risk and optimize your cognitive wellness through a comprehensive risk & wellness assessment.



The ADx Alzheimer’s Risk & Wellness Test is an Alzheimer’s-specific medical test that includes a phone or video chat doctor examination. This risk & wellness test identifies genetic, metabolic, and other health risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Research has shown there are multiple factors associated with cognitive decline, and laboratory testing can identify the factors such as metabolics, toxicity, inflammation, diet, and lifestyle changes that can impact cognitive decline. As part of the ADx Risk & Wellness Test your test results and health information will be analyzed via a sophisticated computer algorithm and reviewed by our healthcare team to provide you with a personal therapeutic plan and key recommendations for addressing your specific brain health needs.

Included in the ADx Risk & Wellness Test is a private, one-on-one phone or video chat with an ADx physician skilled in dementia evaluation and care. He or she will discuss directly with you your test results and offer specific recommendations for addressing your cognitive well-being.

The ADx Risk & Wellness Test includes:

  • A look at stressors and other factors that can contribute to cognitive decline
  • An assessment of your cognitive status through online, video administration of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test
  • A multi-marker blood test panel
  • A look at key genetic risk factors

Patients seeking help implementing identified therapeutic recommendations from the Risk & Wellness Test can choose to purchase a Wellness Package, which includes a registered dietitian consult and three healthcare coaching sessions to specifically and proactively address their risk & wellness needs