Sign up for an eClinic

After signing up for your eClinic our counselors with guide you through the following process:

  1. Get tested
    1. Provide current & medical history information
    2. Take an online, supervised cognitive assessment test
    3. Order blood test & have your blood drawn at a local lab
    4. Receive your saliva specimen kit, spit in the tube, & mail kit to the lab
  2. Get answers
    1. Report delivery
    2. Engage in our online cognitive health education series
    3. Meet virtually with an ADx physician & review your individual medical results
    4. Meet virtually with an ADx dietitian & review your diet
  3. Get going
    1. Meet with an ADx healthcare coach to achieve your cognitive healthcare goals
    2. Receive follow-up testing and consultation per eClinic package

** Currently only available for California residents. **








 eClinic Materials Kit

 Test Suite & Education Series

 Physician & Dietitian Consult

 Healthcare Coaching

3 months

6 months

10 months

 Progress Testing with Consults



 Concierge Access

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* Additional costs may be incurred with doctor ordered tests.

** Currently only available for California residents. **

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