Informed Consent for Genetic Testing

You consent to genetic testing done in our lab or our partner’s lab. Also, we may use the test results to create a report. The testing may reveal that you are at risk for a disease or condition. You may need more testing to confirm any diagnosis.  Please discuss the results with your doctor or a genetic counselor.

Genetic Conditions

You may have a genetic condition even though the test results for that condition are negative.  Because of limits of technology, the test may not detect some changes in DNA or proteins that cause disease.

Lab Test Reliability

The lab tests might fail or give results that are not useful.  Sometimes the findings suggest something other than the diagnosis first thought.

Changes in Genes

Most gene tests detect changes at certain places on the genes.  This type of testing may also detect a change in the DNA itself, or may detect extra, missing, or changed gene material.  Most genetic tests are highly sensitive (find the true positive rate) and specific (find the true negative rate), but the sensitivity and specificity may vary based on the type of changes found.

Approval and Counsel

A licensed health care provider must approve this testing. Genetic testing is complex and may show something not normal in the results. Because of this, we will provide a genetic counselor to discuss your results with you. Also, we will answer any other questions you have about the results. Your own health care provider may choose to provide counseling rather than asking us to do the the counseling.  The results are only for you under HIPAA guidelines to the extent allowed by law.  Because of this, the results will only be released to a health care provider you choose. Also, the results will not be released to other parties without your written consent or as allowed or required by law. Genetic testing is by your own choice.


By checking the box on the order form, you hereby consent to our access to and review of the genetic testing data and report described above.


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